Jupiter-9 2/85 ( black) review

Before  releasing ‘black’ lenses there is  a  white model Jupiter-9 2/85 in Lytkarino The optical scheme of Jupiter-9 2/85 was copied from Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 2/85.   Surely, Sonar has much better optical performance than its younger  brother. Jupiter-9 2/85 is  made of metal and g
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Jupiter-37А review

The legend of the last century is a popular lens Jupiter 37A 3,5/135. It is called a small telephoto or  big portrait camera.  It’s an absolute  truth.  They say, Jupiter 37-A takes the second place for the best Soviet portrait lens in the range of 85-135mm. The Jupiter-37A has
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5 best made in the USSR lenses for portrait photos

Nowadays more and more photographers are using the old Soviet optics in modern digital cameras. There are several reasons and the most important one is reasonable price. The «Made in USSR» lens is way cheaper than a similar modern version. The Soviet lens has its own unique
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